22/05/2013 07:35


1. Possibly one of the most famous stories of literary history, played in theater many times and not less often adapted for the big screen or the world of animation. Many call of immortal work, since for more time passes equally continues to captivate readers, filmgoers and filmmakers.
The undersigned this article however, has had trouble getting the original work up in libraries, and finally thanks to the Internet so I could read (Let no defender of copyright be alarmed, since kings fall possibly possibly because if my parents are down, but I'll have to wait to find by chance-) and bring a little analysis for those who want to know something more about the work but who are not quite convinced.
Although the history and known to the "acetate", I will refrain from putting spoilers about the end or the like, just in case.
2. charles dickens chose because I think it was a person with a great coraxon that whenever wrote, thinking it to society in the aspetos more relevant at the time, were carried out for example Dickens advocated a more benevolent and charitable with children, as the conditions in the Victorian era they were adverse: prostitution, begging, the treatment of workers and the increase in population as a result of the industrialization of the country and British colonialism in the world.